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The Hall of Sandwiches

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nom nom turkey reuben

Much ado has been made of the recent Baseball Hall of Fame election results, mostly because we, as humans, like to organize things and people and ideas into categories. With the hall of fame (I'd rather not capitalize it anymore), the Baseball writers association of America (again, capitalization irregularities are intended) gets to organize players and managers and executives and extraordinary peanut slingers into two separate drawers: fame-worthy and not fame-worthy. There's a third drawer as voted on by the Veterans Committee but that's the junk drawer: full of twist-ties and Phil Rizzutos. But as Rich Lederer and Buster Olney can tell you, folks just don't agree on who deserves to get in the fame-worthy drawer with the silicone spatula and the Mel Otts. Between Lederer and Olney. one of them is right about Jim Rice and one of them is wrong. We get it. The question, however, isn't "Does Jim Rice belong in the hall of fame?" but rather, who are these people who get to decide?