Brewers Fans Are Cold; TV Reporters Colder

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Via the inimitable Big League Stew comes this little news vignette from the good people at WISN 12 in Milwaukee:

Bitch, what kind of reporter asks her subject, "Are you crazy?" If he's not crazy, he'll say no and that'll be that, but if he is crazy, he might murder you and use your skin to keep warm.

I'd also like to know where Brewers fan Tony Wedl got that Harvard hoodie, because Dummy certainly didn't matriculate at an Ivy League institution. Otherwise, he'd be smart enough not to risk frostbite on his twigs 'n' berries for measly Brewers' tickets.

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I'd like a follow up to this story to see if the 5 deep line grows between now and Saturday...I'm willing to bet the answer is no...

If they're only a "a little bit loony" then she's only "a little big flexible" and well... let's just say it's like cirque du soleil under that knit hat, beige topcoat, black gloves, blue turtleneck, and various layers of undergarments.

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