C.J. Wilson, Taoist Liberal Racist, Does Not Necessarily Reflect Views of Texas Rangers

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vote.jpgAmerica has a long and distinguished history of people that have shaken the political landscape. A country founded on revolution has birthed many people that challenged the legislative status quo of their surroundings: Thomas Paine, Abbie Hoffman, Malcolm X... And Texas Rangers reliever C.J. Wilson.

Apparently Wilson made some politically charged comments to ESPN's Page 2 that have gotten him in hot water with some of his (gasp!) more conservative teammates. In an article on ESPN'S Page 2 Wilson said he couldn't talk about the upcoming election with his teammates. Furthemore:

"It's frustrating," says C.J. Wilson, the 27-year-old Texas relief pitcher. "I'd say there are two reasons. One, there's a general lack of education among us. But two -- and most important -- you're talking about a population that makes a ton of money, so the ups and downs of the economy don't impact whether we're getting paid. Therefore, we often don't care."

The entire affair devolved into a message board back and forth over at our friends Lone Star Ball where, because Wilson's statement about "the economy" was so 'tarded (I am not making this up), Rangers pitcher Brandon McCarthy explains the ramifications of extending Bush's jerkoff rich guy tax cuts. In turn, Wilson called baseball players dickheads or assholes or something. I had to stop reading.

This is now the second time in less than a year that Wilson has stirred up some shit via the ebays. The weird thing is, last time the professed "Taoist" showed his face round here he was posting blatantly racist myspace messages (lol omg 411 QVC) to the aforementioned McCarthy, but now he's in trouble for things he said while hyping Obama. Whaa Happened?

Ron Washington is currently working on his sprint times to diffuse any situations with Milton Bradley. Perhaps he should keep his eye out for any microphones or keyboards in front of C.J. Wilson.

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I agree with his liberal and racist policies but I'm not so sure about his Bart-killing policy.

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