Everything's Comin' Up Cardinal

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Fantastic week of news for Cards fans.

First up it's Albert Pujols' strained right elbow ligament. It's been bugging him since 2003, and affects him more when he throws than when he hits. Still, St. Louis Coach Tony LaRussa said he saw something (hiccup) different in his first baseman's swing last (hiccup) year.

The story hath reaped my early leader for quote of the Spring:

"If it blows out it's going to blow out," Pujols said. "You can't control that."

I'm not so sure that I agree with that logic, but I do know that if you're riding in a car with Bert and his 'check engine' light goes on, don't bring it up. He will call you a pussy.

Then yesterday, previously optimistic projections about Matt Clement were scaled back. Pitching coach Dave Duncan said, "In all honesty, I would be surprised if he's ready for opening day."

In all honesty I'd be surprised to see him pitch ever again. It's not a fun story to follow. Clement can't get strength back in his shoulder, and even when he does it could take a while to get his head back. It's been 18 months since he threw a pitch to a live batter.

As that Fox article goes on to point out, Anthony Reyes, Todd Wellemeyer and Brad Thompson are fighting for the last two spots in the rotation. There are only two spots left because Braden Looper and Joel Pineiro locked up the 2 and 3 spots. Obviously.

Worst rotation in the majors? Let's get it started!

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I call everyone in riding in my Neon a pussy regardless of the control panel status.

Is Tommy John surgery performed on first basemen?

At least 57% of the players in that video are either on the 60-day DL or have actually been pronounced dead.

Duncan then added, "To be even more honest, I'm still surprised we signed Matt Clement."

It's even sadder for Cards fans because the 2006 ring, although nice, seems less badass than it should. Somehow it's hard to believe your team is doing great things when they win a world series and the consensus is they sucked and had no right to win...I'm not disagreeing, which is why a 2004 ring would have been so much nicer.

Drunky the Manager says spay and neuter your pets!

I can't think of any first basemen that have had TJ surgery, but Luis Gonzalez had it a couple years back

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