Just Let The Boy Catch Catch Your Knuckleball!

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herlihyboywchris.jpgDoug Mirabelli wants to water your plants. He wants to walk your dog and sleep in your bed. He wants to stay in Boston and catch Tim Wakefield's knuckleball and he wont shut up about it.

The backup backstop just took a $200K pay cut to stay with the Sox. Nothing too peculiar about that, but the article in the Boston Globe about it reeks of the worst kind of codependency. Christ, Dougie. Have some self respect or at least a little tact. Why did they even pay him any money? They should have just given him a gift certificate to Java World.

The interesting thing about Mirabelli suddenly pulling the Herlihy Boy act, is that the for the past couple of years the Sox have acted like they were the ones that couldn't live without him. He's become a fan favorite by fashioning himself as a "Dirt Dog," a term as meaningless as it is insufferable (remember, I'm a Sox Fan). When he left for the '06 season, Josh Bard was hardly given a month to learn to catch Wakefield's floater before shipped off to San Diego to bring Mirabelli back. It was quite the retarded scene, man.

His anemic hitting numbers are somewhat offset by the fact that he only plays 5 days a week, but that's only part of the story. With Jason Varitek slowing down at a Gedman-like pace and no one in waiting, Boston is facing an impending catching crisis. Bard's relative youth and much more serviceable numbers would have filled that gap nicely until something was worked out. Creepy devotion has its drawbacks.

When the Herlihy Boy finally makes his plea to move in he says,

"Please? I've already slept in your bed. If you didn't want me to move in, why'd you let me sleep in your bed? Just let me move in with you, please?"

That could have been pulled verbatim from the Globe article. In light of the events two seasons ago it would have made perfect sesne. Regardless, it's not very becoming of a grown ass man.

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Changing your uniform in the car is just a cover for a sexy backseat rendezvous.

I feel the same way about my buddy in Boston. I try on all his clothes while he's at work on fridays.

Herlihy Boy - one of only a few memorable skits from the trainwreck of the 94-95 SNL season. 3rd place in the 1995 AL Cy Young voting - Tim Wakefield. Coincidence? I think so.

There's always Hayato Doue. I mean, I'm not expecting a guy who plays at a level that specs out to a hair above the Canadian-American League to be the Sox's catching savior... but it's nice to have someone else on the horizon besides Kottaras.

Not totally siked on Mirabelli coming back. Good job with the blog, guys. Nice meeting you last night CTT.

Hey Hey it doesn't matter cuz DOUGIE IS GOING DEEP TONIGHT!

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