Kenny G. Meets Mariners Starter; ________ Blowing

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kenny batista.jpgMiguel Batista seems like an alright guy. Considers himself a bit of a role model, does work with various charities, etc. That being said: AROOOOGAH! DWEEB ALERT! Last year Batista took up the soprano sax, and just recently went all swoony when he met his idol, Kenny G. Your flaky aunt or your old manager at the Linens N' Things may have liked ol' Kenneth Gorelick but Miguel Batista fucking loves him.

"He played for me," Batista said. "It was my favorite song, 'Alone.' Now, I feel like I've had everything. I've talked pitching with Sandy Koufax, had Kenny G play for me. Maybe if I could have an interview with God, then I'd be served. I'd be complete."

That's quite the Jewish Dude Trinity you've got there Miguel. Sure you don't want to squeeze in a chat with Paul Reiser?

This article made me realize three things:

1. Miguel Batista is ambitious.
2. Miguel Batista is boring.
C. I'm really excited for the season to start so I can start writing about actual baseball stories.

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Hey, lay off Miguel! I used to noodle around with the soprano sax a bit in my jazz band days. Of course, those were the same days I wore dresses and called myself Hilda, so I shouldn't talk.

To be quite honest, I don't like the nagging on Miguel because of Kenny G. NO ONE has been as great as Kenny G and you ALL have to admit, when you hear "Songbird" play on the radio, you may not change it. Now, I need to go take my tampon out.

Wow. I guess God should feel pretty flattered to be included in the same group as Sandy Koufax and Kenny G.

A couple of addendums, re: the picture

- Is Batista wearing a Vneck t-shirt under a trenchcoat?

- Does Kenny ever take a picture where he's just smiling? Are we to believe he is playing saxophone 24 hours a day?

I'll be honest with you, I love his music, I do, I'm a Michael Bolton fan. For my money, I don't know if it gets any better than when he sings "When a Man Loves a Woman".

No talent assclown

Batista looks like Xerxes from the 300 episode of South Park.

interesting post thanks!!! Blue Eyes ;)

interesting post thanks!!! Blue Eyes ;)

hahaha I'm agree with you Miguel Baptista is the most boring person in this world, I can't bear his speech even for a few moments, pour guy. Maybe he suffer one of those Seasonal Allergies and can't talk properly.

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