Lasorda to Manage Dodgers; Vero Beach Escorts Prep Swirly Move

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lasorda.jpgSo new Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre is taking some of his players to Beijing for some friendly games against the Padres and leaving Jeff Kent, Rafael Furcal, Juan Pierre, Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, James Loney and all of the starting rotation behind at Dodgertown in Florida. (I, too, would not hesitate to leave Jeff Kent behind. Something tells me he wouldn't take kindly to the Chinese culture). Who would the team choose to manage the split squad while he's away? None other than octogenarian dago Tommy Lasorda.

Says Tommy:

"This is the dressing on top of the cake," Lasorda said Sunday. "What I'm excited about is that Ned (Colletti) and Joe would do that for me. They had so many guys they could do it with. They're showing their friendship and what I've done for this organization."

I guess this proves that Joe Torre really uses a laid back, hands-off managing style. Lasorda is currently employed as 'special adviser' to Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt, so he's been around spring training for the past few years:

"During games, Lasorda would sit by the roofless dugout at Holman and sometimes fall asleep."

I wonder if he falls asleep when he's getting the swirly move.

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He puts dressing on his cake? That's fucking gross.

Ranch dressing + black forest cake = CRAZY DELICIOUS

I expect great things from the hookers tag.

Because of this story I had to watch a fat fuck absorb the business end of a bat 10 times over on ESPN News this morning.

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