Manny Being Manny; Kielty Being Anonymous

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Since we're good at being gentlemanly and cordial, CTC and I don't pursue the whole "snake-mongoose" thing and are generally convivial about our favorite teams' rivalry. To that end, CTC gets Yankees-related news, like all the juicy A-Rod and Jeter items; that's good because I could never be unbiased about Derek the Dreamboat. But luckily, I get the Red Sox and Manny Ramirez, who, if you didn't know is good at (a) baseball, (b) being Manny, and (c) not showing up on time for Spring Training.

But fie, what is this?

"Manny Ramirez arrived at the spring training complex Wednesday afternoon with little fanfare, dropping by briefly to drop off some personal effects. It was his least-controversial arrival in years, eliminating the need for a Manny Watch by reporting on the required date for position players."

Good show! Manny Ramirez is actually one of my favorite players. He's the best hitting outfielder in baseball and he's like a clown, he amuses me. He makes me laugh, he's here to amuse me. I don't think the media folks agree with me; I think he spent all of 2007 not talking to them. They're a fickle bunch, the press:

"Ramirez, who turns 36 May 30, is coming off his worst season in Boston (.296, 20 homers, 88 RBI)"

It was his worst season in Boston, and yet he still out-VORPed every single left fielder in the American League whose name doesn't rhyme with Schmarl Schmawford? So why did Manny train at the Athletes' Performance Institute in Arizona this winter?

"I want to be like Julio Franco, play until I can. Why not?"

Fourteen more years of Manny? Baseball fans should all be so lucky.

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I hope Manny keeps up the talking-to-the-media thing, because I just know that we'll eventually get an unintentional "baseball been very very good to me" out of him.

And I will smile.

I want to be like Julio Franco

Good, I look forward to seeing Manny in a Braves uniform in 10 years.

I propose an automatically renewing lifetime contract for Manny until he cries No Mas.

That's how my subscription to Cat Fancy works.

The way he could see how a white girl could fall for him.

He really is a funny guy!

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