Matt Cain New Face Of Giants; People Walk Right Past Giants On Street

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lockercool.jpg In 2007 Matt Cain had one of the better 7-16 seasons in recent baseball history. In his second full Major League season with the Giants, he improved almost all of his numbers. Unfortunately the Giants were completely incapable of scoring any runs in his starts

I like Matt Cain. Last season I took him realtively high in my fantasy draft (SUCK IT ICARANE) and projected big things for him. I think he's going to have another good year in 2008 (even though the lineup is even worse).

That being said, I'm still trying to figure what it means for the club that they're making Cain the face of the 2008 season.

Ann Killion's profile of the 23 year old righty in the The Mercury News lays the aw shucks on nice and thick. Cain seems like a good enough guy, but... really?

Cain is on the cover of the Giants' 2008 pocket schedule. Cain was present at the team's 50th anniversary news conference, and is in the new "What Would A Gamer Do?" ad campaign that will launch around opening day. And, most symbolic, Cain will move across the clubhouse and assume a locker stall in the area previously occupied by Barry Bonds.

Didn't this team just sign Barry Zito to a $3 Trillion Dollar contract last year? Doesn't Zito make girls all swoony? Aren't Bay Area bros clamoring for some his transcribed tabs? If he's going to pitch all shitty and stuff again shouldn't they try to get some kind of work out of him?

Who knows, maybe in 6 months I'll be taking this all back after Cain's fourth no hitter of the year (in which the Giants go 1-3), but it just seems a little strange.

Postscript: Approximately one hour after writing this blog entry, the author still couldn't get over how terribly lame "What Would A Gamer Do?" sounds.

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Lame newspaper writers are excited about this, so they can use their "Raising Cain!" "Cain is able" and "I love the coCAINe" headlines.

Noah Lowry is crying in his oatmeal this morning.

Shit, I should have said "Tim Lincecum".

I'll be really interested to follow the "ark" of his career.

And that'll be the first and last horrible biblical reference I make today.

Cain always seemed good to me, but maybe that's because I only watched him against the Pirates.

That being said, I'm still trying to figure what it means for the club that they're making Cain the face of the 2008 season.

I believe it's because Matt Cain is the answer to the question, "Who is the exact physical and social opposite of a 44 year old, black, lefthanded outfielder from California?"

Before CTC graces us with his NL West preview, take a gander at Baseball Musings' projected runs scored per team and see if you can find the Giants.

No, keep looking. Lower. Lower still.

Nevermind, I just obtained the NL West preview in exchange the AL West preview and two puns to be named later.

@ Rob Iracane: well, considering last year's Giants averaged 4.22 runs per game, a drop to a predicted 3.99 runs per game post-Bonds isn't so bad...right?...

/silently weeps into season tickets

i think he should be fine once he gets over his childhood sled. or his ex-wife's vagina.

At least the asshole of the franchise is unchanged.

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