Rusty Kuntz Tightens Up Loose Knowledge Of Rules

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1985ToppsKuntzRusty073Large.jpg When the weather warms up and gentle spring rains soak the country, you know that Rusty Kuntz can't be far behind. If there's one things baseball players love it's academics, and Ol' Kuntzy is dropping some knowledge on Royals spring training in the form of his baseball fundamentals quiz.

The new first base coach brought the quiz along with him from Pittsburgh so you know it gets results. Let's see if I can answer a couple of the questions listed in the article.

Q: Before a game starts, what are the first two things a player should check?
The color of the discharge and whether or not he has a fever.

Q: If the ball hits an ump on the infield grass, is it alive or dead?
Hopefully if it hits Bruce Froemming, he's dead. Oh, you mean the ball?

Well Rusty Kuntz, how'd I do? Can I play for the Royals now? No, because I suck at baseball? Ok, well can you call someone at the Pirates for me then?

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I wonder how the new Japanese reliever did on the quiz. It wasn't geared towards his culture. There were no tentacle rape questions.

"When you're waiting on a flyball, what part of the ball do you look at, the top or the bottom?" Kuntz said. "Everybody said the bottom. But you've got to concentrate on seeing the top."

Rusty Kuntz has better visual perception than most humans. Such as: seeing things from the heavens.

One of the Royals who aced the tests was outfield prospect Chris Lubanski.

Lubanski was reached for an interview in the dugout, where he was hanging from a hook by his underwear.

Rusty Kuntz can see a ladybug's eyelashes from 45 paces.

What's the ruling if a batted ball gets lost in Rusty's Kuntz?

Rusty Kuntz was spotting those raccoons left and right!

Rusty Kuntz is eating onions, he's spotting dimes, I don't know what the hell to believe.

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