Salomon Torres' Daughters Love the Sausage

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If you remember the 1993 San Francisco Giants, you remember a team that won 103 regular season games and yet still missed the playoffs, thanks in part to a system that featured no wild-cards, and to journeyman pitcher Salomon Torres. Torres started the last game of the regular season; a win would have set up a tiebreaker with the Braves. Torres blew it. Fast-forward to December 2007, after a comeback took him from Korea to Pittsburgh, the Pirates traded Salomon to the Milwaukee Brewers. Salomon considered retirement but his daughters' love of sausage made him reconsider. Find out why after the jump...

Right after finding out he was being traded, Torres told a reporter that instead of pitching for a new team in a new city at age 35, he might retire. After discussing the idea with his family, however, he had a change of heart:

"Torres sat down and asked the family for feedback. His daughters, 6-year-old Ashley and 4-year-old Allison, asked where they would be going. "I said, 'Milwaukee. You know those racing sausages? That's where,' " he said. The girls went wild. "That was the big selling point," he said with a laugh."

I suppose the girls enjoyed the pierogi races in Pittsburgh but they go crazy for sausages in Milwaukee.

Fifteen years later, Giants fans still haven't forgiven Torres. Sammy Sosa, on the other hand, would forgive him if he could remember why in the first place.

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