Tim Hudson Rubs Kangaroo Balls; Headline Writes Itself

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kangaroo_boxing.pngAtlanta Braves beat writer David O'Brien recently relayed a story of some lucky charms a tad more grisly than those of his Leprechaun* ancestors.

It seems reliever Phil Stockman, who grew up in Australia, has given teammates Mike Hampton & Tim Hudson a traditional Aussie good luck token: Pairs of kangaroo testicles. On a key chain. Oh yeah and...

"told them to rub them before each start."

I wouldn't ever want the same good luck charm as Mike Hampton. That's asking for trouble. Also, if they're taking up space on a keychain they should have some function like unlocking the car doors when you squeeze them or maybe some sort of piercing alert whistle in case you get raped by a wallaby.

In any case, I prefer my animals to be living and having recently released a really good record.


Thanks to reader Matt T. for the tip. I owe you a Coke.

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Oh man. The only thing better than that Kangaroo/man fight was when Mike Tyson fought Secretariat in international waters. They were so drunk!

Your taste in music is baaaaad. I say 'meh'.

You don't want to know what Bobby Cox rubs for luck...

"The key is to cut 'em up reeeeal high"

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