Yankees: Just as Racist as the Red Sox (but More Successful)

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Tufts professor and author of Reynolds, Raschi and Lopat: New York's Big Three and Great Yankee Dynasty of 1949-1953 Sol Gittleman is interviewed as part of the Massachusetts School of Law series "Books of Our Time". In this short clip, Gittleman argues that the Red Sox' lack of success in the late 1940's was due to the racism of owner Tom Yawkey. Oddly enough, Gittleman says that Yankees' GM George Weiss' own racist ways led to the signing of Oklahoma farmboy Mickey Mantle.

Some random thoughts:

  • When listing players, Dom DiMaggio should never be referred to as simply "DiMaggio". Always include the 'Dom' part. This is crucial.
  • George Weiss was shrewd in his racism. He basically said to his scouts, "Find me a white ballplayer who plays like these Negroes". No wonder Mantle was a drunk.
  • Sol Gittleman has a harmonious Bronx accent and I could listen to him talk for hours on en...zzzzzzz
  • Posting our first YouTube makes me feel like Ufford, just more bookish.

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"Sol Gittleman" is Spanish for "Sun Gittleman."

What happened to Sol's Glasses? He can't see so good.

Not sure about this guy's thesis (or maybe the Yankee scouts just sucked) - Mantle was the only Yankee who went 10/10 between '51 and '63. David Halberstam >>>> Sol Gittleman.

Either that or the Yankees' scouts were so racist that they didn't even like white guys who "played like them negroes".

Great blog guys.

Yeah but Gittleman's alive.

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