Your Walkoff Walk Combudsman Welcomes You

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Hey friend! Walkoff Walk welcomes all commenters! Want to register? Just click down below on "Sign in to comment on this entry" underneath the "Leave a Comment" header which will take you to the following screen:
signup.jpgAnd then click where it says "Sign Up!" That will register you to be a commenter at Walkoff Walk. We promise not to ban anyone for any reason except absolute jerkiness. Oh, and all Royals fans get banned.

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He's just kidding about the Royals! I picked them to finish third. That's practically a welcome mat!

I only want to ban Rob Neyer and Rany Jazayerli.

@CTC: As in "Welcome to Quad-A." Do well enough here and you'll soon catch on with a big league club.

Whale's vagina good morning snorg tees girl which bye week tight end should I use I can't see the video [threadjack] william f. buckley died [/threadjack] shut up supermike dammit nibbles soc-cer? this post is too long and doesn't include the diamondbacks it never does I want to ban rob neyer what is martin lawrence asking me to sign in

@Suss- No love for first? Shoulda been you.

make like a python, and eat me

@Jiegel: it's "make like a tree, and get out of here."

i hate manure


We promise not to ban anyone for any reason except absolute jerkiness.

That's fuckin' bullshit and Rob knows it.


Joe Morgan gets the gas face.

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