A Public Service Message From The Metro And Killer Sugar Highs

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Although this is a few days old I feel guilty not spreading the lolz. Last week, DCist posted this awesome video urging Nationals fans to take the Metro to this years game at Nationals Park.

I really enjoy the driving sequences.

Even though I am subjected to the evil and inept MBTA, I'm still a big public trans guy, and think it's a good idea in nearly all instances. However it seems an especially good idea for Nationals games, seeing as how the parking sitch has thus far been really kind of a nightmare. The Metro has lingering questions of its own but if you get stuck with them at least you'll be able to spend the time reading The Onion instead of having to listen to talk radio.

(We owe cokes to both DCist and reader Saldawg for pointing us to them.)

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At least the President isn't going to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day, thus subjecting every fan to a full cavity search.

Oh wait...

BART in the bay area rules, but the MUNI busses (buses?) in San Fran are awful, especially through Chinatown. An old lady tried to get on the bus with a live chicken. The bus driver told her "no live animals." So she snapped its neck without missing a beat. True story.
Also, people fart and burp and don't have basic manners on the buses in Chinatown. No, let me get off the bus first, THEN you can get on, jerk.

i don't "DO" Peeps.

Boswell says that no other area around any other ballpark is as ugly as the rock quarry in Anacostia.

Um, excuse me? Has he BEEN to Yankee Stadium?????

Also, as a former DC resident, I have this to say to the Nats' plans re: SE: Good luck with that.

@Farthammer : yeah, but still beats the hell out of Candlestick. Trying to drive to Candlestick to catch a Giants game...might as well be Peeps behind every wheel.

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