Angels/Brewers Cold War Escalates; Doomsday Clock Approaches Midnight

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penguin.jpgHey, guess what. There's a feud going on between the Brewers and the Angels. No, seriously. It all stems from last Spring when Mike Scioscia didn't start enough front line players in an exhibition game.

The Brewers filed a protest with the commissioner's office last spring after the Angels, for the second straight year, sent a team of minor leaguers to Maryvale for the Cactus League finale while their regulars played an exhibition at Angel Stadium that night.

Teams must bring a minimum of four position players who were regulars the previous year or had a "reasonable chance" of being regulars this season to spring road games.

So Ned Yost "did little to diffuse" the feud by fielding an amateur team of his own for Tuesday's game. OHHH SNAP, NED! Why didn't you just take your balls out and hand them to Scioscia when you were trading lineup cards? That'll teach the Angels to mess with the Brewers!

I can only see this ending two ways:

1. Bloody knifefight.

B. I forget about it the second I finish writing this post.

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Ned Yost is also filing a grievance about the Pirates not having any recognizable names, ever.

16. Chorizo Sausage, using a hidden mascot cam, records a rampaging Scioscia telling a four-minute joke that ends with the punchline, "And that's why they're so freaking good at landscaping".

(Insert comment about Brewers always fielding non-front-line players here.)

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