Brian Bocock is a Defensive Genius, Plays With the Ball

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Felipe Alou is a fantastic source of sexual innuendo:

"He doesn't play ball, he plays with the ball," said former San Francisco manager-turned-special assistant Felipe Alou, who meant it as a compliment about (shortstop Brian) Bocock's defensive timing and good hands.

The kid's name is Bocock and he plays with the ball. He also "has soft hands, a quick release and poise beyond his years". Teammate Tim Lincecum had no comment. I have a five-year old boy's sense of humor. I should probably give it back.

(Thanks, David Pinto of Baseball Musings. I owe you a Coke.)

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+1 for "poise beyond his years."
-1 for "a quick release."

That leaves him at zero. Pshh more like Nocock.

I have a hard time believing this is in the spirit that David Pinto intended.

Ha! I said hard.

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