Carlos Lee Steers Away From Camp; Haha Get It?

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The-Rodeo-Queen2.jpgIn what has to be one of the more interesting clauses in the league, Carlos Lee exercised his contractual option to leave Astros camp and attend a livestock show in Houston. Lee raises Brahman cattle in South America and is one of the top cattleman on that continent. He also owns stake in some Texas cattle.

Much like the Astros, Lee can't compete this year because one of his business associates is a judge.

"It's still a good opportunity because I like the competition. What I'm more worried about is getting good animals in Panama and improving the genetics of the breed there."

Lee sounds like he really knows his stuff, but I'm not sure if "Panamanian Beef: We're Improving Our Genetics!" is a good slogan.

Last year, the slugger and his wife Mary attended the livestock show and got to meet the Bush family. That's some quality aged leather on the faces of Old George and Barbara.

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Lee didn't really have to go to that livestock show. I heard you can get a good look at a T-Bone by just sticking your head up a butcher's ass.

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