Cesar Izturis Makes David Eckstein Look Like Ozzie Smith

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Fans of the St. Louis Cardinals (and fans of True American Grit) were sad to see shortstop David Eckstein move across the border to the Blue Jays during the offseason. However would the team replace such a scrappy little feller? With absolute shit, of course! Yes, new Cardinals shortstop Cesar Izturis is having a Not Very Good Spring Training:

Izturis continued to perk up his pedestrian spring with a two-out RBI single and two runs scored Saturday in the Cardinals' exhibition victory against Minnesota. His average this spring is .174, and he has eight hits, one more than the seven errors in 16 games. For most of March, his total hits have been chasing his total errors, at one time falling two behind. The hits only recently caught up.

Hey, Izzy got another hit on Sunday and his average is all the way up to .184! But cripes, he's only one error shy of his entire 2007 total. In sixteen games. Pity the poor Cardinals; it's a shame they don't have anyone else halfway capable of playing the position. Oh wait, they do:

Contrast that with Brendan Ryan's offensive pep, his .366 on-base percentage and his thriving in the No. 9 -- as well as anyone, really -- and it would seem that the second-year infielder is making a push to foil the veteran Izturis' comeback as an everyday player.

Too bad La Russa is sticking with his guns and will most likely pencil Izturis into the Cardinals' opening day lineup. I realize that I am not a baseball 'scout' and I don't 'know a lot about baseball' and I might not ever 'watch Cardinals games during the regular season' and I certainly can't 'evaluate talent' but c'mon Tony, just because the team threw three million dollars at Izturis doesn't mean you actually have to play him. Yes, he was once an All-Star and once won a Gold Glove, but (a) he's also had Tommy John surgery since then and (2) those awards have idiots voting for them. Roll the dice, Tony. You're going to struggle to be a .500 team no matter what, so why not let the guy who can actually get on base be your ninth place hitter?

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It's a good thing Ozzie isn't alive to see this.

The Cards' starting rotation is so strong. It's a real shame they don't have the bats to back it up.

Just because I "Eat my own dandruff," and I "Don't own a toothbrush..."

Et tu Brendan?

since when are there 9th hitters in the NL? get with it iracane

Spring training batting averages mean nothing. Do you really think Juan Pierre is gonna hit .188 all season long?

Wait, don't answer that...

iracane, my apologies. Tony LaRussa is the monster here, unless he really thinks his pitching staff is capable of making up for its lack of pitching skills by showcasing its ability at the plate...

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