Dale Petroskey Is a Bad Businessman

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The president of the Baseball hall of fame was forced to resign yesterday, due to "(a failure) to exercise proper fiduciary responsibility" in the best interests of the organization. Yes, Dale Petroskey was a terrible businessman; he probably traded away Babe Ruth's mitt and Ty Cobb's cap in exchange for POGs or something. I've never been to Cooperstown so maybe that was the reason Petroskey was let go: in his nine years of leadership, he failed to entice Rob Iracane to visit. Perhaps this is one reason why I stayed away, Dale:

The Hall of Fame president (Dale Petroskey) canceled a 15th anniversary celebration of "Bull Durham" because of anti-war criticism by co-stars Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Recent comments by the actors "ultimately could put our troops in even more danger," said Petroskey, a former White House assistant press secretary under President Reagan.

That was 2003, of course, back when the war was totally cool and everyone dug it and the mission was totally accomplished. Today? Fuck you and your bully pulpit, Dale. That's a cowardly way to protect your buddies' interests, and we know you're friends with only the best folks.

Vice president Jeff Idelson takes over as president and you already know my problems with him.

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Finally, now I can go to the HoF in my "Lick My Balls, Neocons" shirt.

The balls are baseballs.

The neocon was Dale Petroskey.

Furthermore, between Murphy and Petroskey, WoW Is developing a pronounced Anti-Dale bias.

I always thought he dragged Chip down.

There are other, more compelling reasons to visit Cooperstown, however: the Ommegang Brewery, for example.

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