Daylight Saving Time Wreaks Havoc on Roads; Rangers' Roster

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This morning, the lady on NPR told me that this past weekend's switch to daylight saving time causes problems for Monday morning drivers. It seems that the loss of an hour early Sunday morning carries over to Monday morning, as commuters wake up an hour earlier than usual. They are more weary and sleepy on the roads, and historically, traffic accidents are increased 7% each Monday after the switch forward to DST. This got me thinking...what other accidents or mistakes can be blamed on this wacky convention of clock-advancing?

  • Perhaps Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels was sleepwalking yesterday when he signed tub o' lard Sidney Ponson. Either that or the Rangers' pitching staff is worn pretty thin. Get it? Thin?
  • Indians pitchers Jeremy Sowers and Rick Bauer must have needed an extra pot of coffee yesterday because they BOTH gave up a homerun to weak-hitting Nationals' shortstop Cristian Guzman. Guzman hitting two taters in one game is about as rare as Ponson passing up a Smörgåsbord. Get it? Because he's fat?
  • The Red Sox and Cubs' management must be still adjusting to the time switch because they're considering swapping OF Coco Crisp for SP Jason Marquis. The Cubs have a fine outfield already, with Soriano, Pie and Fukudome, while the Red Sox really shouldn't be shopping their best defensive outfielder when the other three ain't exactly green lights on the injury front. Also: who would ever want Jason Marquis?

So be careful on the roads today, commuters. Mostly because Tony LaRussa still has a drivers license, but also because folks is sleepy.

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The Sidney Ponson thing answers the question I've had for weeks.

Which pitching staff is more horrifyingly awful, the Rangers or the Cardinals?

No Go

Marquis for Crisp seems like addition by subtraction for both teams. Ellsbury gets CF without looking over his shoulder at Crisp and the Cubs wont be tempted to actually use Marquis in a game that matters. Win - Win.

I'm going to wear out that NPR tag.

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