D'backs Vs. Reds: Also Postponed For Wetness.

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noahs_ark_rainbow.jpgThere is a theme today. It's raining in Cincinnati. Start of the game is delayed until it lets up. When it does, here's the D'Backs lineup:

C. Young cf
O. Hudson 2b
E. Byrnes lf
C. Jackson 1b
C. Snyder c
M. Reynolds 3b
S. Drew ss
J. Upton rf
B. Webb p

Man, where is Rick Dempsey today? I used to love his slippin and slidin rain delay antics. No one does that anymore. AND there's not even any good YouTube of it. Just those moron fans from the Braves game that did it themselves. That shit was kind of weak. Someone find me good rain delay blooper videos. Kthxbai.

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