Holy Crap I Am Writing A Lot & White Sox Vs. Indians

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si_indians1.jpgA couple of things. First off, stuff we did just a couple hours ago is getting pushed off the front page. Click the "archives" or "monthly archive" buttons or click the "lineups" tag to find it, if you just got here. This is still your prediction thread.

Secondly, reader Country Joe West, sends in the following dispatch via text from Dolphins stadium for the Mets/Marlins game:

"Drinking w/ Jersey transplant Met fans... everything reeks of churros... 'Don't Stop Til You Get Enough' is playing on PA"

That sounds approximately 25,000x better than any of the dispatches I've gotten from northern stadiums thus far today. Northern stadiums like newly monikered Progressive Field where the Indians are hosting the White Sox. The lineups:


N Swisher LF
O Cabrera SS
J Thome DH
P Konerko 1B
J Dye RF
A Ramirez CF
A Pierzynski C
J Crede 3B
J Uribe 2B


G Sizemore CF
J Michaels LF
T Hafner DH
V Martinez C
J Peralta SS
R Garko 1B
A Cabrera 2B
F Gutierrez RF
C Blake 3B

Buerlhe takes on Sabathia in one of the best pitching matchups of the day, and Ozzie Guillen starts the season on a piping hot bench. I'd watch this one if I wasn't in the office pretending to work.

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Umm... wow... that really escalated quickly.

Buerhle with the quick hook.

Cleveland has Swisher? Chicago has Sizemore? Next you'll be telling me that "inflammable" means "flammable."

What's somewhat surprising here is that Nick Swisher bats leadoff for the Pale Hose.

What's not surprising is that Swisher will fuck anything that moves.

Fixed. It's almost like I don't even watch baseball, just sit in an office and continually minimize Gamecast windows and blog entry forms.

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