Home Run Derby: Mantle Vs. Mays- 1959

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ESPN played repeats of this show in the late 80s and early 90s. It was one of my very favorites when I was a kid, and just recently I found the DVDs and got them for my dad. Exceptional stuff. Here it's The Say Hey Kid against The Mick with host Mark Scott. I always loved the interactions between Scott and the players.

Part One

Part Two

Have a good weekend, everybody. I'll be back with you on Monday, but Rob is going to be at Yankee Stadium for opening day. His boys take on Toronto for the opener at 1:05.

Get some rest. When you wake up Monday morning baseball will be here.

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I used to RUN home from school to watch this when I was a kid. Great find.

Side note: Can youtube douchebags stop putting their "company" logos at the front of clips that they obviously had nothing to do with? I hope whoever is behind Digital Welfare Films is knifed while standing in a real welfare line.

Aw man, I'm just glad they had it online. May they say "we're loved by Walkoff Walk, and that's enough," while they standing a real welfare line."

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