I Have Obtained the Angels Lineup from the Box Score

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Sorry, fans of the Pirates, Astros, Nationals, and Braves. We just ran out of space on our blog today to post your lineups. Actually, I retract the apology to the Braves and Nats; y'all played last night! Click here if you want to see all the lineup posts that CTC posted today. He did yeoman's work while I was sitting in the rain. One last lineup, via the box score on MLB.com. I give you the Angels of California:

3B - Chone Figgins
DH - Gary Matthews
RF - Vladimir Guerrero
LF - Garret Anderson
CF - Torii Hunter
1B - Casey Kotchman
2B - Howie Kendrick
C - Mike Napoli
SS - Cesar Izturis

The Angels have enough outfielders in that lineup to fill...well...two outfields. Why did they sign Torii Hunter one year after throwing $50 million at Gary Matthews? I'm perplexed. Jered Weaver gets the nod at starting pitcher because of the injury to John Lackey; I like Weaver...he's good enough to be a #1 guy anyway.

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Rob, you could soothe Pirates fans like me by simply posting another club's AA opening day roster. It'd be close enough.

Can we have a WoWuan over here? So we don't have read past 5,000 @Lady Andrea's to find something worth reading?

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