Introducing Walkoff Walk's First Annual Prophecy Of Mediocrity Contest

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giant check.jpgHey there, loyal WoW reader(s). We've been at this for exactly a month now, and by way of thanks for coming along with us, we're proud to introduce the Prophecy of Mediocrity Contest.

The rules are simple. Just send an email to our intern Darren ( with the following information:
1. Your real name or your commenter name, whichever your prefer.
2. The six teams you think will finish third in each MLB division in 2008.
3. The average number of wins for all six 3rd place teams (this will be the tiebreaker).

Make sure you write "Contest Entry" in the subject of your email. You have from now until 11:59 PM on Sunday night.

The winner will get a Walkoff Walk T-shirt (which we have yet to design... but it's a long season), a post on WoW, and a random baseball card of my choosing from a giant trunk in my parents' house.

It's our way of saying thanks, and getting even more excited for the season. WE GET TO WRITE ABOUT ACTUAL BASEBALL GAMES! WOOHOO!

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Anyone who posts their entry in the comment section will be disqualified and shamed publicly. Use email, you lazy jerk.

Just wanted to say keep up the good work. I've enjoyed reading your stuff the last few weeks.

(1) Cornelius McGristle, hobo laureate

(2) Seattle Pilots
Cleveland Spiders
The Palau national baseball team
A Base Wars team comprised entirely of flybots
H&G Plumbers' company softball

(3) f(x) dx as x approaches 0

If WoW shirts resemble anything like Crab Rangoon Invitational t-shirts, I'm out.

Thanks Suss for taking me back to AP Calculus.

I'm so... hopefully... possibly finding the time to enter this!

Also, I'd strongly suggest not using "WoW" on your t-shirts, because... well, Activision Vivendi can be such bitches when it comes to protecting their trademarks and stuff.

And screw you and your Calculus, Suss! Euclidian linear geometry can answer every question in life, dammit!

I strive to achieve mediocrity. Dream the possible dream!

I'll buy a shirt if Wallaby Rape is involved.

Wait, how do I get an intern?

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