Japan Opener Live Glog!

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liveglog.jpgI'm having a very hard time calling tomorrow "Opening Day" but regardless, there will be a game that actually counts in the standings, and WoW will be watching. The game starts at 6AM EST and I'll be taking my first ever crack at this liveblogging thing. At about 8:15 I'm going to hand the reins over to Rob so I can catch the train and get to work. It promises to be a unique experience and one I hope you all will check out hours after the fact, when you get to work at a reasonable hour and turn on the computer like normal people.

Okinawa Jujitsu! (See you at 6!)

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Translation: that's two hours of pure unabashed homerism followed by the opposing party's shorter response. JUST LIKE THE STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS!

Nice to know I won't be the only one watching and haplessly spilling cornflakes in my bed every time Dice-K gets a strikeout.

Hey, you know what I just realized? Dice-"K" is an appropriate nickname because Matsuzaka is a pitcher, and pitchers sometimes throw strikeouts, which are sometimes referred to as "K's"! Someone should really write an amusing headline based on that concept.

Here's the key to a successful live blog: getting bored in the third inning and going back to bed. It's also the key to a successful love life. Thanks, Cosmo!

And to start the season, audio trickles through during the national anthem from the booth, leading Red Sox fan to scream about the lack of patriotism of Manny Ramirez.

aaaaand The Claw Snoozes.

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