Japan Series Poorly Scheduled For Japanese; Will Not Affect Santori Time

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fuji.jpgAfter the Yankees opened last season against the Rays in Japan, they returned and had an abysmal April. Many were quick to point out that perhaps that trip started them off on the wrong foot. I saw some merit in that argument, and was less than excited when I saw the Red Sox would be taking the A's in this year's Sushi Series™. With pitchers usually ahead of hitters this early in the season, the Sox hardly need Kevin Youkilis getting eaten by Mothra or Mr. Fuji throwing any blinding powder in Manny's eyes.

Today the AP is running a story from Bobby Valentine, a man who has used Japan to resurrect his career even more than Bob Harris. Valentine brings up a point that I really hadn't cared thought about: How are these series affecting the Japanese?

"I hope the Red Sox and A's have a great time here and I'm sure everyone will enjoy it but it's ludicrous that our games will be going on at the same time," Valentine said. "The timing is a mistake and I guess that's something that slipped through the cracks when they were planning the schedules."

With all the fanfare surrounding the arrival in Japan of the World Series champions Boston and their Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, the opening of Japan's professional baseball season on March 20 seems like an afterthought.

I feel you, Bob. My Metallica cover band has terrible time getting anyone to come see us when Metallica is in town.

Valentine's opinion and the opinion of anyone else I've talked to, all point at a fundamental truth about these games. Baseball is so desperate to look like it's trying to "preserve the spirit of the game" in the face of myraid scandals, but this Japan series is a blatant money rip. Scheduling these games in the regular season is a mistake. It doesn't benefit the players. It doesn't benefit American fans, and now we learn it doesn't even benefit fans of Japanese baseball.

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dude i'm gonna go ahead and fuckin agree with that last paragraph you wrote.

this is a rare, serious post and subsequent comment, but in light of valentine's remarks, i'm shocked that they planned it this way. wouldn't it make a ton more sense to have the World Champs (an accolade which probably pisses off Japanese fans and players to begin with, considering Japan cleaned up at the WBC last time out) to visit Japan at a better time? To further elaborate on CTC's metallica analogy, there's a fuckin reason they don't book the Arena Football League during NFL season. Not just because they wouldn't sell tickets, but because people already have their football fix in order.

Don't even get me started on how stupid it is to play two regular season games and then fly 17 hours back home just to play three more exhibition games(!?!?).

My Was Not Was cover band has a hard time coming up with more than one cover to play.

This is among the dumbest things any professional league could insist on doing. I hear that Daisuke is already pretty popular in Japan, as are the Red Sox and MLB. Not. Worth. It.

Mark this down, because it may be the only time I ever say this:

Bobby Valentine's idea is fantastic.

I detest this boondoggle of a Japan trip, both as a Sox fan and as a baseball fan. It's only slightly less intrusive than that WBC abomination, and serves no point. But then, what else would you expect from Shyster Bud the Used Car Salesman, Ruiner of Baseball?

Didn't the Yanks/Rays series happen in 2004? Or am I reading that wrong


@Dave R

I also was stunned that I agreed with Bobby Valentine.

@Doc Rock

They played last year and in '04.

why can't they start the season in the Dominican Republic? Bud the Dud must go.

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