Joe Girardi Is A Baby, Joe Maddon Is A Yuppie

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Bang.jpgTwo days after the fact there's still huffing and puffing about the collision at home plate between the Rays' Eliot Johnson and the Yankees' Francisco Cervelli. Joe Girardi pitched a conniption fit and now... oh, Christ. Someone woke up Zimmer.

"I am surprised that Girardi went after it the way he did," Zimmer said. "The plate was blocked, and our guy bowled him over. What's that got to do with spring training? That's how you play the game. "I'm talking about a guy (Girardi) that's like a son to me. I can't believe he went after it the way he did because that's not Joe Girardi."

Oh, Don. You're like a sentimental talking English Bulldog. But you're right. Ron Gardenhire also chimes in for the LoHud article, and the consensus is one I agree with. Sure, you hate to see someone get hurt like that before the season ever starts, but it happens. A young guy like Johnson hasn't logged anytime in the majors and is trying to make the team. Instincts can get in the way. Simmer down, Girardi.

Unfortunately Cervelli is also a young guy looking for playing time and now he's out 8-10 weeks. Even worse, the injury is to his pizza dough tossing wrist.

In related news, Joe Maddon's emo glasses bug the crap out of me. Before I read this story, Rob and I were discussing the incident and the ensuing bickering. I joked that Joe Maddon hadn't spoken out because he was too busy listing his favorite Elvis Costello songs and reading recipes for artisan bread. And then... this quote!

Asked whether he needed to talk to Girardi, Maddon made light of the situation "I've always liked Joe," he said. "If he would like to have a conversation, I'd like to talk about politics. I'm good with global warming. I'm good with a lot of different topics on a daily basis. I like iTunes; I download some stuff off iTunes, I like different restaurants. I like red wine. I have a lot of different areas I can go conversationally."

Some may see that as Maddon displaying a wry sense of humor, a fine trait to have if you have to manage in Tampa. I see it more as a threat. If this escalates into a bench clearing brawl this season, someone is getting smacked with a baguette.

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Get off your high horse, Girardi. What's so funny bout peace love and understanding?

Girardi is just trying to inject some life in the Rays/Yankees rivalry, which has lost some luster recently.

Seriously, he's going out of his way to prove that he's NOT Torre (ie: has a pulse). And, he wants to make sure his team has a little extra motivation in that seemingly endless string of games against a team that somehow gave the Yankees problems last year.

Joe Maddon teases, and he flirts
And he shines all the buttons on his green shirt

The Angels just want to wear Maddon's green, er, blue shoes.

It's been a good year for the Roses, but The Rays are still waiting for one of those.

Relax, coach. It's spring and the kids are inexperienced, and accidents will happen.

joe maddon = gene hackman

Don Zimmer only eats Curly's Pulled Pork. You can get it at the supermarket.

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