Leansies, Farthies & Dustys

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cardpack.jpgUsually I'm loathe to write about anything I find on MLB.com. The whole thing is just a press release clearing house. I'm not even sure why they run the stories with a byline. Of course this cynicism is something I've honed over the years, it isn't really inborn. As such, it makes sense that I'm lifting my embargo to write about an article on Saturday being... FREE BASEBALL CARD DAY! KICKASS!

To celebrate, fans can sign in at mlb.com/cards and receive a free pack of baseball cards. Each pack will contain five base cards from Topps, five base cards from Upper Deck, one chase card from Topps, one chase card from Upper Deck, and one informational card.

Participating hobby stores will also hand out free packs on National Baseball Card Day, as will stadiums that are hosting some of the final exhibition games before the regular season gets under way.

I don't collect baseball cards anymore but you can be sure if I'm out and about on Saturday I'm picking up my free pack, Duder. The photo caption says something about Pat Neshek being a card collector or something which makes sense because he seems like a dork.

So you got me and Pat Neshek going to pick up our free cards this weekend. Anyone else? Oh yeah, Dusty Baker! According to Iracane's boyfriend, John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Baker keeps a handle on his pitching staff by reading the back of their baseball cards.

When Reds manager Dusty Baker was asked before Tuesday's game how much weight he gives to a pitcher's "most recent outing" when it comes to making the team, he turned the question on its head and talked about the hitters.

"(Looking at) 'most recent outing' would make you a frontrunner," Baker said. "And I ain't no frontrunner. I don't look at 'most recent outing.' If that that was the case, half the guys wouldn't (make) the team. If that was the case, (Edwin) Encarnacion wouldn't even be on the team.

"I look at the baseball card; I look at what I think he might do; I know what he is doing. It's a combination of things."

Between starts, Dusty likes his players to do the workout from the Grape Nuts package and eat meals entirely composed of little Ritz cracker sandwiches from the back of the box.

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So the fact that I set a reminder on my blackberry to sign up for a free pack on Saturday... exactly how many levels of ghey nerd did I reach with that move? 7? 8? 43?

Also making you a 'frontrunner', actually winning games. True, Dusty: you ain't no frontrunner.

Manny is going to be disapponted when he gets his pack and they don't have pokemon on them.

Also, John Erardi is subbing for John Fay this week because Fay is visiting his cancer-stricken older brother. So yeah, thoughts and prayers to Fay's brother.

before the regular season gets under way.

Wait, so those games in Japan didn't count?

In line at the hobby store on a Saturday morning... yup, that sounds like where I'm going to meet my next boyfriend, no doubt.

Pat Neshek is also a vegan, so along with weird sidey delivery, high cuffed pants, baseball card collecting, and his veganosity there's four things to make fun of him for.

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