Mets Vs. Marlins: There Will Be Spanish

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Florida-montage.jpgAt 4:10, the Mets and Marlins will go get em some of that sweet sexy Opening Day action. Johan Santana makes his Mets debut, but I think the real story here is the start of the Marlins quest to be the first baseball team to go 162-0.

New York:

J. Reyes ss
L. Castillo 2b
D. Wright 3b
C. Beltran cf
C. Delgado 1b
A. Pagan lf
R. Church rf
B. Schneider c
J. Santana p


H. Ramirez ss
D. Uggla 2b
M. Jacobs 1b
J. Willingham lf
C. Ross cf
J. Cantu 3b
L. Gonzalez rf
M. Treanor c
M. Hendrickson p

I wish I was there, watching the game and eating an Arepa. Why the hell didn't we get Darren to write these Opening Day posts. What do we pay him for anyway? Oh wait, we don't.

Continued updates from Country Joe West: Conine threw out the first pitch... Mets lineup got louder reception... Billy the Marlin is a douche, and Marlins fans are less threatening than Jesus...Johan threw 8 pitches including a K... Uggla still hits like Rob Deer...

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