Nationals Letting Fans Bogart The IPod

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dmitri young's son.jpgSwingin' Maury Brown over at The Biz of Baseball reported this morning on the Washington Nationals letting fans decide the musical programming at games this season. Wow. How populist! Oh, nevermind, fans get to pick from a list of (mostly) trite tired or just plain awful stuff:

The "You Make The Call" promotion will run from Thursday, March 13 at 9:00am through Wednesday March 26 at 5:00pm. Fans may choose from a selection of songs, including "Because We Can" by Fat Boy Slim or "Song 2 (Woo Hoo)" by Blur for the Home Run song, and "Build Me Up Buttercup" by The Foundations or "Shout" from Otis Day and the Knights for the Seventh Inning Stretch. Choices for the Nationals Victory Song include "Beautiful Day" by U2 and "How Do You Like Me Now" by Toby Keith. If you'd like to peruse the entire list, feel free. But I'm telling you, there's only one song on there I give a damn about. Kenny Rogers is a demigod. Here are my suggestions for each of the three songworthy occasions:

You wanna get this party started? That's the list. I'm also available to DJ weddings and Bar Mitzvahs as well as write out the Nationals lineup card.

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Those awful mid-Atlanticers will certainly vote for a country-and/or-western tune.


Nothing beats the altered classic "Never Scared" by Bonecrusher at The Doak.

"I told that football playa, I ain't neva scared!"


I would certainly buy the hat of any baseball team that had the stones to run onto the field to the opening chords of Romantic Rights by Death From Above 1979. If I were on the opposing team, I'd be scared shitless.

Um, that first sentence is supposed to say "I heart Lil' Meathook."

DFA is a good call.

That kid is going to eat so much Gumby Dick when he gets done watching Kim Possible.

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