NY Post Reports Yankees Sign CC Sabathia In The Future

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zoltar-1.jpgYesterday at Legends field, C.C Sabathia sat in front of his locker in the visitors clubhouse and was asked on a scale of 1-10 how stoked he is to be playing for the Yankees in 2009. After finishing his four innings of work, he talked to the 3 or 4 Cleveland reporters about the start. Suddenly a group of New York fatties descended on him, covered in mozzarella stick crumbs and still out of breath from jerking it to pictures of Spitzer's call girl.

Q. The Yankees are always heavily involved in free agency, any thought about that and your free agency?
A. "No, I'm focused on this season right now, playing in Cleveland and trying to win," said Sabathia.

Q. Do you like New York?
A. "New York is fine," said Sabathia. "We only go there a couple of times a year. It's fun when I go there."

Q. When you went to New York to get the Cy Young Award over the winter, did any New York fans talk to you about coming to the Yankees?
A."I had fun there, but no fans said that," said Sabathia.

That last one is my favorite. What would a reporter glean from that information?

"Yes, someone did approach me and they screamed 'COME TO THE YANKEES YOU HOMO' then jumped back on the garbage truck." That's a real compelling story.

Of course the Yankees will be the leading bidders for Sabathia's services, but is the press really going to jump on the story this far in advance? Way to play it cool and not drive up the price, you jackals.

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You misquoted me. I very clearly said "COME TO THE YANKEES YOU FATSO".

"How are you preparing to deal with not being able to wear your hat all crooked and cool like"

Reminds me of my favorite All-Star Game interview moment, courtesy of (I think) Tim McCarver or someone:

"Eric Gagne, you've just broken the record for consecutive saves. How does it feel to be on a team with Mariano Rivera?"

(Kudos for Gagne for replying sensibly, instead of giving the answer I would have, namely "It feels like he can go suck my cock, Tim.")

your portrayal of the new york media is uncanny.

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