Padres Prospect Sports Huge Afro; Zero Pictures Emerge

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North County Times staff writer and probable In-N-Out Burger aficionado Dan Hayes is covering the San Diego Padres in Peoria, Arizona; today he gives us this gem about first-base prospect Kyle Blanks, all six-foot-six and 270 pounds of him:

"Kyle Blanks has spent most of camp wearing cornrows and a do-rag. So when manager Bud Black saw a picture of Blanks' letting his hair down he asked to see it live. On Tuesday morning, Blanks accommodated his manager with his afro in all its glory complete with a 1970s era leisure suit."

Blanks was dressing up as part of a team-building exercise that has the players giving individual presentations. His topics? Tony Clark's basketball career, and baseball players from New Mexico. Hm. I didn't realize the Albuquerque Isotopes wore enormous afros and leisure suits.

Frustratingly, no picture accompanies the notes column because that would have been way too entertaining for the reader. If anyone out there in Padres-blog-land (Gas Lamp Ball, I'm looking at you) has a picture of Blanks, send it our way.

MASSIVE UPDATE: Gas Lamp Ball gets the job done.

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When reached for comment, Bake McBride said, "No matter what Kyle Blanks says, my 'fro is unrivaled. Now get off my lawn!"

Kyle Blanks: Yes, excuse me miss, would you like a fish sandwich?

darn it wouldn't let me post this irrelevant picture

Upon seeing Banks' getup, witnesses say Trevor Hoffman may have possibly smirked for .01 seconds.

Oscar Gamble scoffs at the mini fro.

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