Post-Bonds Era in San Fran Begins With a Fizzle and a Bocock

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sfgiants.jpgJohn Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle gives us a peek at the Giants' Opening Day lineup: Dave Roberts - LF
Rich Aurilia - 1B
Randy Winn - RF
Bengie Molina - C
Ray Durham - 2B
Aaron Rowand - CF
Jose Castillo - 3B
Brian Bocock - SS
Barry Zito - P

So the Giants have gone from the greatest hitter of our generation frightening pitchers in the third or fourth slot of the lineup for years to....Bengie Molina batting cleanup. This is a shame, but hey! They've got Bocock!

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Rob, keep pouring the salt, man. Just keep pouring.

Bacon Pants...[sniffle]...I miss you. Come back, Bacon Pants!

what an awful lineup. here's my matt cain prediction: 6-22 record, 2.14 ERA.

Heh. Bocock. Heheh.

I don't understand why you spend craploads of money on Rowand and then hit him sixth behind greats like the fattest Molina and super washed up Ray Durham.

Oh I forgot, Randy Winn hits apologies.

the Aaron Rowand sanity watch has commenced......

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