Prophecy of Mediocrity: Reviewing the Entries in Digest Form

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Welp, we received a total of thirty-one entries in the First Annual Prophecy of Mediocrity contest; adding in our two sets of picks brings the sum to 33 contestants for this challenge. Yes, we are having a contest to predict the six teams that will finish in third place, because winning a division is boring.

Are you interested in entering? Tough shit, it's too late. If you DID enter and forgot to submit a tiebreaker, it's not too late for that. Just email Darren. Speaking of which, our intern Darren tabulated the results, created a spreadsheet, and ran the numbers so let's see who picked whom:

  • The most popular teams were the Blue Jays (23 votes), Rangers (21), White Sox (18), Braves (18), Phillies (14), Rockies (14), and Reds (13). Of these teams, I'd be least surprised to see the Braves break the mold and finish higher than third.

  • The least popular teams were the Yankees, Orioles, Indians, Angels, Mets, and Nationals, all receiving zero votes, probably because these teams are expected to finish either first or last. Of these teams, I would be least surprised to see the Mets finish third.

  • One dummy picked the Red Sox (me) and one awesome entrant picked the Giants (someone whose strategy was picking all of last year's last place teams).

  • The most wide open division in baseball according to our readers is the NL Central. The votes went thusly: Reds (13), Brewers (5), Astros (5), Cardinals (5), Cubs (3), and Pirates (2). My vote was for the Pirates, but I am now more inclined to see the Cards shock and awe with a third-place finish.

  • The least wide open division is the AL East. Votes: Blue Jays (23), Rays (9), Red Sox (1), Yankees (0), Orioles (0).

  • The only two entrants who submitted the same six teams were Matt_T and GHABB,Y; no surprise that Braves fan Matt_T chose the Phillies. They have different tiebreakers

  • The average tiebreaker guess (average number of wins for all third place teams) was 72.75, only because three people didn't submit a guess and I marked them down for zero. Removing these lollygaggers gives us 80.03. Most people picked 82, because it is a nice round number.

Well, that's it for now. We'll revisit this again at midseason and see who is in the lead, aka the person most likely to win a Walkoff Walk t-shirt.

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And a post and a baseball card. They get those too!

You're going to regret the "post" part when I win and write a piece in the first-person of Khalil Greene.

A sample: 001100111010. 01110100110101010111. 001. 11001111001.


That's one hard-working intern. Is he unionized?

G,HABBY is a genius.

Matt T also likes blondes with natural C-cups and Carnation Instant Breakfast every morning.

I have a busy couple of weeks at work, don't check the site enough, and now I have missed out on all the fun. I'd post my guesses here, but wasting 14 people's time reading milquetoast prognostications doesn't seem right.

Honeynut, you get a Pioneering Commenter Exemption. I'll tell Darren to let it slide.

Immmma Wario! Immmma gonna win!

You know what's weird? I got to this post because I searched the exact phrase "intern Darren excels at Excel"

CTC's prediction renders the Dropkick Murphys obsolete.

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