Red Sox Release Mirabelli, Codependency Will Bring Him Back

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Last month, my colleague Camp Tiger Claw questioned the sanity of the Red Sox' dependency on their chosen backup catcher, and vice versa. Well, the Red Sox - Doug Mirabelli relationship has hit a valley once again as the team has gone and released his knuckleball-catching ass.

Mirabelli was an awful hitter but he excelled at catching Tim Wakefield because he could actually get down and block knuckleballs, unlike Varitek, who excels at hitting .260 and being gritty. The Sox traded him to the Padres last year two years ago, but after his replacement Josh Bard had more passed balls than Portia De Rossi, they sheepishly brought Mirabelli back. He changed into his uniform in a police car! You can't beat that for a human interest story!

Mirabelli was placed on unconditional waivers, so if nobody picks him up (why would they?) he could be back on the Sox later this season. Forgive the quick and dirty analogy, but Red Sox:Carrie::Mirabelli:Mr. Big. Yes, I watched Sex and the City. So did you, so shut up.

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+1 Red Sox front office.

No more novelty catchers!

please, no more sex and the city references....leave that to withleather

So you're saying that the Red Sox is really just a chain-smoking New Yorker?

This got me thinking...the Red Sox are a horse-faced sex columnist!


I believe the proper format for that analogy is Carrie:Mr. Big::Red Sox::Mirabelli. Each ordered pair (Carrie, Mr. Big) and (Red Sox, Mirabelli) must contain a relationship within its elements in order for there to be an identity of relation between the pairs themselves. Your formulation of the ordered pairs as (Red Sox, Carrie) and (Mirabelli, Mr. Big), however, implies that the Red Sox ran trains on Carrie Bradshaw while Mr. Big and Doug Mirabelli were having an illicit affair on the side.

Then again, perhaps that is what you intended?

@ futuremrsrickankiel

what was your SAT score?

and i would have watched sex and the city, if there were trains involved*

*i'm lying....would never watch that show....just out of respect for my penis

Yes, I watched Sex and the City So did you. so shut up.

I didn't. Can you update the analogy using The Hills please?

HOLY SHIT! I'm in!


Mirabelli had the best job in baseball, next to owning the Marlins

futuremrsrickankiel said what I wanted to say. Mirabelli : Red Sox :: Carrie : Big. Analogies were my favorite part of the SATs.

Sure glad we haven't had to deal with Mirabelli for quiet a while.

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