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Camp Tiger Claw and I have had a baseball blog for one month, which, in Internet time is like seven years. Therefore, we are considered 'experts'. At least Matt Sussman and Tuffy of the BC Sports Treehouse Fort radio show think so, as your Walkoff Walk editors will be the guests on tonight's show.

Yes, one guy with a real name and one guy with an alias will interview one guy with a real name and one guy with an alias. Only on Internet radio, kids! We'll be previewing the American League East division, otherwise known as The Battle to Finish in Third Place Behind the Yankees and Red Sox. Tune in at 8PM EST. You can even join in a chatroom or something and proposition Tuffy for sex, I think.

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Tuffy is old fashioned. He only accepts sexual propositions by US Mail.

Radio gigs? Experts? A whole month?

This site got trendy. You sold out. I like the older stuff better.

@ Sh!tShow

just another sign of the impending apocalypse

So now your experts? Great - where can I purchase your draft kit, Mr. Karabel?

Also, is it really a battle if the Orioles don't even try?

I look forward to an interesting, thought provoking debate. Let's keep the level of discourse high around these parts and GO CTC BOO IRACANE GO MONGOOSE BAD SNAKE SOX RULE YANKEES SUCK 4EVA!

Nobody said anything about experts.


Let's hope this goes better than your last radio gig.


Baby, I only ride the Pony Express.

Whatever that means.

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