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bluejayguys.jpgSo yesterday I laid out some vague ground rules for what I thought a newspaper blog should and should not be. Before those really sink in, let me make one huge exception. The Blue Jays Blog from the Toronto Star. Lord fuck a duck, I love these guys. You may remember last week, I shared their Fear And Loathingesque chronicles of Alex Rios' RC helicopter. Well my friends, that was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their radditude. To wit, their twisty turns of phrase led some people to believe that a prominent member of the Canadian Press had died, when he had not.

"Shi Davidi is not dead. If the emails and comments are anything to go by, I may have given people the wrong impression when I noted recently that CP's estimable baseball beat writer is 'no longer with us'. I meant that in the literal sense, as in 'not in Florida'. Not as in 'has shuffled off this mortal coil'.

Shi himself messaged me. I'm sure his family was getting worried. I told him that my (virtual) powers are limitless and that the Star's travel budget does include a provision for witch doctors and raisings from the dead, not to be confused with the water cure.

So Shi is alive and well, though still labouring under the misapprehension (along with's Jordan Bastian and the FAN590's Mike Wilner) that a constant Tampa diet of P.F. Chang's will not eventually kill him. They continue to insist to me that a nightly partaking of disstilled spirits will do likewise. We agree to disagree."

That's from Cathal Kelly. He is but one head of the four headed literary beast that is following this middle of the road Toronto squad. For your viewing pleasure, all four heads are prominently displayed along the right margin of their page, and accompanying this post. RAWR. I've had some fun making my own captions, but how could I even top the one that actually accompanies Mark Zwolinski?

"A Toronto native, he's also a big fan of drag racing and muscle cars, but that's another story."

I fucking bet it is. I want that rogue, Cathal Kelly, to recount it to me.

But ferreals, these guys have 58 years of combined experience writing about the Blue Jays and a style that veers toward the surreal. In a recent mail bag, Richard Griffin said that AJ Burnett, "seems to be trying to fit in more as a regular human being." I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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That's a veritable lemon party of sportswriters up there.

So Peoria beat writers are drawn to the In 'n Out, and the guys in Tampa frequent PF Changs. Got it. What culinary wonders lie in store in Clearwater? Church's Chicken? Fuddruckers?

I bet they all wear Leaf's underoos.

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