We Forgot The Cubs

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cubs clock.jpgAs shrill and masochistic commenter Grunter pointed out... we forgot the Cubs lineup! I guess that picture of Dusty in a Cubbie uniform really did mess me up. Anyway they're in the 4th against Milwaukee... but the game is deeeeeeeeeeeelayed.

R Theriot SS
A Soriano LF
D Lee 1B
A Ramirez 3B
K Fukudome RF
M DeRosa 2B
G Soto C
F Pie CF
C Zambrano P

I don't give a shit about Grunter, but I just hope John Cusack isn't mad at me. He's dreamy.

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"It's ok... I forgot the Cubs too." -- God

"It's okay... I forgot the Cubs too." -- Goat

*sigh* [putting razor blades away*]

*until the end of the season

ps: Ko-Sucky Fuck-u-dome hit a double off his 1st mlb pitch*

*means nothing, but i'll take it


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