Wednesday Afternoon Liveglog Club: Doubleheader Day

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Yes, I am liveglogging two games today. No, don't get your hopes up because the liveglog will only last two hours. I'll be covering the tail end of the Red Sox v. Twins matchup at 3PM and the start of the White Sox v. Rockies matchup at 4PM. To ease up the workload, I'm going to have our intern Darren instant-messaging me some funny one-liners during the game.

Come back here at 3PM and I'll do my best to entertain you with hourlong slices of meaningless games!

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For some reason, the use of the word "slices" made this whole affair sound inexplicably delicious.

Jesus, It's always got to be Red Sox or Yankees doesn't it? You know, other markets exist too, guys! WoW is AL East biased!

Everytime I see that grapefuit I get so antsy.

White Sox? Twins? Looks more like an AL Central bias to me.

Man, I wish you'd done the Yankees Rays game today.

That was my first question today.

What, which one is Darren?

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