What's My Line with Roy Campanella - 1953

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In which a blindfolded Steve Allen tries to guess Roy Campanella's identity from the sound of his deep voice. Yes, that is the concept behind the classic TV show "What's My Line".

A few observations:

  • Check out the wicked part in host John Charles Daly's hair. It looks like he's got a line of grout in there.
  • Roy Campanella was the NL MVP that year: 41 homers and 141 RBI as a catcher. He was MVP in '51 and '55, too...as was crosstown rival and fellow catcher Yogi Berra. Mike Piazza eats goat poop compared to these two.
  • I keep waiting for the lady to ask whether he's a Negro or not. You have to know this is going through her mind.

Have a nice weekend, all 63 of you!

(we owe a Coke to the Classic Television Showbiz blog)

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What happens if/when this thing takes off? Do you end Fridays with, "Have a good weekend, all 154 of you?"

Instead of worrying about such things, you should just enjoy the moment, for these are the days we will soon refer to when we pepper our lamentations with phrases like, "...before they went corporate".

If we get 154 fans, we're selling the blog to SB Nation and retiring to Cabo.

Speak for yourself. I'm gonna sit in this here tree, and I'm not coming down until this becomes protected land.

No, the concept of What's My Line was to sit around the television in your Formica shithole of a house and pretend you could attend the elite parties of the suave upper class while you wiped the Hungry Man sauce off your upper lip.

So, you know, it's a lot like blogging.

I dread the day that WoW becomes 'mainstream,' what with all the kids running around with WoW 2009 tour t-shirts and Iracane on the cover of Tiger Beat.


I still have a Joe McCarthy poster in my room.

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