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broken_computer_210307.jpgThe MLBlogs website is a noble attempt (I think) by baseball to get some of its players, announcers, front office members and "personalities" to seem more like humans. Why just look at all the different blogs they have for you, the fan:

  • Tommy Lasorda's World. Old pictures of Bobby Darin and recipes for tomato based lube.

  • Yooooouukkk. Beard grooming tips and boilerplate from a future union shill.

  • Scorpion Tales: CJ Wilson's Trek Across The Blogosphere. Wilson has been known to stir up some shit on the interwebs. So color me bored when I saw his latest post was about laundry.

  • Alyssa Milano's *Touch* Em All. I have no idea what the asterisks are for, but I am pretty sure the "Em" refers to pitchercock. Contains recipes for tomato based lube.

  • Harold Reynolds Presents. Harold hasn't updated since last year. I think he's pouting because *Touch* Em All was already taken.

  • Screech's Blog. This is the only time in my life I've ever been relieved to find out something was written by a grown man in a bird costume. My initial reaction was that they gave Dustin Diamond a blog and I was going to put my head through the monitor.

I poke fun at the blogs above to give a frame of reference for the really truly good player blog I found on the site. It comes from the cleanup hitter of frequent WoW punching bags, the San Francisco Giants. Yes, it's none other than Bengie Molina. Bengie's blog, Behind The Mask has only been going for a few weeks, but it's got two semi-frequently updated posts and contains that rarest of qualities, unique insight from a player. He sheds some light on the familial dynamics of the 3 Catching Molinas and he doesn't once tell me what it's like to 69 with Brad Penny poolside at the Chateau Marmont. For that Bengie, WoW salutes you.

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Are major leaguers allowed to have blogs outside the MLBlogs umbrella? (blogbrella)

Doesn't Dontrelle Willis have a shitty blog somewhere else?

May I propose "Shameless Attempts To Get Alyssa Milano To Read This Blog" as a tag for this post?

Yeah, I don't think "pitchercock" is going to make her a huge WoW fan, but good guess.

Andruw Jones has one, and he updates about as often as he gets a hit.

Tomato-based lube goes great with Condor Omelets and Baby Panda Stir Fry. Finish with a dollop of pitchercock and you've got a meal fit for a king.

Farthammer just blew my freaking mind.

Pat Neshek has had one since before it was cool* to have a blog. It's in a really crappy format and the colors are a little much.

*"Cool" is used very loosley

From Neshek:

I really have no purpose for this page. I figured hey, why not start a webpage about my life in baseball and talk about everything that goes on in it, especially autographs. I really have no clue what it will amount to but I know it will be good. I guess what I want is to interact with the fans and make them learn and laugh.

/gets up from desk
/slams head against wall repeatedly

Well, I'm laughing anyway.

This is why I cheer when Neshek blows games.

I cheer when my Fiance blows me. That usually take at least three glasses of wine and a lot of begging though. It's all worth it.

Does Neshek talk about his love of baseball cards on his blog? I bet he does.

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