Baseball Before Bedtime: #9 Dream

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Here's what happened in baseball while two spirits danced so strange:

Brewers 5, Phillies 4: The Brewers continued their domination against left-handed starters and we can't even blame the Phillies' bullpen for this loss. This one is all on southpaw Cole Hamels; he pitched a gritty 8 innings but was ultimately defeated by Prince Fielder's pair of two-run ding-dongs. Hamels collected eleven strikeouts and walked just two Brewers but couldn't overcome the Vegan Warrior's four RBI. Phillies hitters-slash-wunderkinds Chase Utley, Pat Burrell and Greg Dobbs had their own tater tots that went for naught in the loss.

Pirates 7, Cardinals 4: Dover, Delaware's own Ian Snell gave up a four-spot to St. Louis in the first inning but settled down to pitch five more innings without allowing a run. Don't know how though...kid still allowed eight more baserunners and struck out but one Cardinal. No matter, Ian Snell and Four Days of Hell didn't earn a win. He wasn't in the game when Pirate third baseman Jose Bautista put his team ahead in the eighth inning against reliever and eventual loser Anthony Reyes.

Tigers 19, Rangers 6: I can imagine the smile on Ron Washington's face when his Rangers took a COMMANDING 5-0 lead after the top of the second against Kenny 'Smudges' Rogers. It's the dawn of a new day in Arlington, baby! The Rangers are a team with which to be reckoned! Well new Detroit first baseman Carlos Guillen and his band of merry Tigers proceeded to score nineteen runs (including eleven runs in the sixth inning alone) on six terrible Texas pitchers. Make that five terrible Texas pitchers...C.J. Wilson pitched a perfect eighth. Whee! Guillen had two run-producing at-bats in that wacky sixth inning and CTC's preseason predictions are beginning to less ridiculous as the season progresses.

Angels 6, Red Sox 4: Looks like the only thing that can defeat the Red Sox juggernaut is a contagious disease. Yep, old Uncle Influenza knocked Josh Beckett from his start two nights ago and Daisuke Matsuzaka from his start tonight, thrusting Jon Lester into the game on just three games rest. I guess those cancer drugs do a wicked good job protecting him from the flu! Nice! Maybe he needs a new prescription to protect him from the mighty bat of Gary Matthews, though, who stroked a couple homers to lead Anaheim to the promised land, aka Jacob Wirth's on Stuart Street. SHUT UP I LIKE TO SING ALONG TO SHOW TUNES OKAY?

Yankees 6, White Sox 4: The Moose is back, baby!

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While watching the Veggie Burger round the bases a second time, my wife remarked "Geez, that's the fattest athlete I've ever seen." Hon, Gilbert Brown would like a word with you.

That flu in Boston is reaping benefits for fans, though, who get to see Danny....errr....Justin Masterson make his debut today. Kid is 6'6" with a devastating sinker.

You were right the first time. CJ Wilson is terrible.

Show tunes? Great. New recurring theme: Guys and Dolls lyrics every time Justin "Sky" Masterson pitches.

@ Rob

Hope he doesn't throw That 70's Fastball


One win does not a Moose make.
(oh, make that 2 W's)

Jesus, Cole Hamels threw 121 pitches in that game?

HOW DO YOU LIVE etc etc etc

man it must suck to be a Rangers fan

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