Baseball Before Bedtime: I'm Only Sleeping

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Here's what happened in baseball before I was staring at the ceiling:

Pirates 4, Braves 3: Bobby Cox' wacky managerial move of the night was to bring in left-handed reliever Royce Ring to replace pitcher Chris Resop in the top of the tenth; Ring struck out left-handed hitter Adam La Roche. Seems normal, right? Yes, except that Cox moved Resop to left field so he could come back and pitch against righty Xavier Nady. Of course, the move backfired...Resop was the one who put the winning runs on base before the switch and Resop was the one who let in the game winning hit to Nady after the switch. In return for this transgression, Cox beat up Resop's wife.

Padres 3, Astros 2: The better Hairston (Scott) had a single, double and triple and his pal Kevin Kouzmanoff knocked him in with a home run off Houston pitcher Shawn Chacon. Poor Scott has one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel, though, because he's due to lose his center field job once Zombie Jim Edmonds comes off the DL. Zombie Jim Edmonds needs brains!

Devil Rays 0, Orioles 0: Only during a rainout could fewer fans attend than attended Wednesday night's game. Gross, Orioles.

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 2: Yippee skippee!

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Stupid sexy Xavier

I think the body part that Zombie Jim Edmonds is interested in is not brains.

(I'm talking about cock.)


Sorry, I had too much caffeine.

Bobby Cox, you are truly old skool.

Xavier Nady is going to have to keep this up if the Pirates want to have any chance of matching the 1895 Cleveland Spiders' heroic championship run.

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