Baseball Before Bedtime: Night in My Veins

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Here's what happened in baseball while I crawled in the dust again :

Braves 7, Marlins 4: Chipper Jones celebrated his 36th (or was it his 38th) birthday with a homer, two singles, and a huge LOL from the dugout as teammate and catcher Brian McCann legged out a triple. Atlanta picked up a win and a game on first place Florida while reliever Manny Acosta became the first Brave pitcher this season to record a second save. The revolving door of closers in Atlanta keeps spinning, though, as Mike Gonzalez is expected back next month after Tommy John surgery kept him out a year.

Tigers 8, Rangers 2: Texas' downward spiral in a downward fashion but don't expect any sympathy from crotchety grampa Jim Leyland. His Tigers crossed the plate so many times this series they've got dinnerware service for an entire army. Jason Jennings gave up five hits and five walks and five runs in five innings and is probably suffering flashbacks to his days in Coors Field. The Tigers hit, yes, five home runs in the game, including two taters from the Big Tilde. I just realized that the last time the Rangers were relevant I was downloading Blessid Union of Souls off Napster in my dorm room.

Rays 5, Blue Jays 3: Toronto's week of shame continues with a sweep at the hands of the Tampa Bay Kissimmee Rays. The Rays finally sold out the 9500-seat stadium at Disney World, which is odd, because there was an awesome basketball game on TV between the Orlando Magic and some other professional basketball team! I believe it might have been the playoffs! I love this game! Anyway, Andy Sonnanstine moves to 3-1 and Evan Longoria had a triple. Mediocrity is great!

Nationals 10, Mets 5: The New York Mets cruised to an easy victo...what? They lost? To Washington? And gave up TEN runs? Oliver Perez held the Nats scoreless for the first 4 innings and then gave up three runs before he got pulled in the sixth inning. Aaron Heilman, who has pitched in every other Mets game this season, came in, loaded the bases, and gave up a grand slam to Felipe Lopez. Thanks for coming, Mets fans! Back to or or or whatever silly Mets blog you run.

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Mediocrity is great!

No wonder you were downloading Blessid Union Of Souls.

It's a dating service for Mets fans. For the entire month of April they're waving the registration fee for all amputees.

McCann invented a new sliding technique last night: The bellyflop

I just realized that the last time the Rangers were relevant I was downloading Blessid Union of Souls off Napster in my dorm room.

I should have added a disclaimer...'this is just a dramatization, not a factual anecdote'.


I always got them confused with PM Dawn.

Because I'm from Boston.

Big Tilde hits two taters; Mig Tilde eats them tater chips all up.

You got set adrift on memory bliss, CTC.

The best way for me to forget about the Jays' week of shame is to go see The Blakes tonight. $8! On a Friday! Good thing for me hardly anyone in Toronto has heard of them

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