Baseball Before Bedtime: Nightshift

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Here's what happened in baseball before the sweet sounds came down:

Cubs 7, Pirates 3: After playing 27 innings in the past two days (that's like...three games worth!), the Cubs decided to alter their game plan in their quest to sweep the Pirates. Manager Lou Piniella must have sat his kids down and asked them to try and have more runs than the opposing team once the ninth inning was completed. The result? Great success! Chicago catcher Geovany Soto had four hits including a two-run dong in the Cubs' five-run sixth inning. Seton Hall product Matt Morris took the loss.

Rangers 3, Orioles 1 (Game 1): Texas 'ace' Kevin Millwood finally got hisself a win, but still manages to boggle the collective mind of the baseballblogosphere intelligentsia. Seven innings pitched with just three hits? Great! Seven innings pitched with five walks and just two strikeouts? Uh-oh...those numbers won't make Nolan Ryan very happy, Mr. Millwood! No matter, the Josh Hamilton-Michael Young combination produced two runs and somehow, a game started by Steve Trachsel lasted less than three hours.

Mets 3, Phillies 3: This game is currently in the top of the eleventh, but I had to let you know what happened just now. Jayson Werth led off with a single, and Cole Hamels came up to sac bunt him to second. Hamels laid down a gem; neither Mets' third baseman David Wright nor catcher Brian Schneider could handle it. Phillies now have runners on first and second with no out. Nice setup! But then: shortstop Eric Bruntlett came up next and fouled off three straight bunt attempts, thus striking out and leaving him 0-for-6 in the game. Chase Utley then grounded into a double play and the inning was over. HOW DO YOU LIVE LIKE THIS, PHILLIES FANS? (Update: Jose Reyes just 'scored' the winning run, Mets 'win' 4-3 in the bottom of the twelfth)

Marlins 4, Nationals 3: The shitty Marlins continue to beat up on even shittier teams like the Nationals, but Florida did it with class and style and swept the Nationals for the first time in Warshington, D.C. Sassy senior Jorge Cantu had three hits and two RBI but the star of the game was pitcher Mark Hendrickson. No walks in seven innings? Alright, man! That's the longest he's gone without allowing a walk since October 2005 when, as a Devil Ray, he threw a complete game loss to Bawlmer. Attendance at BRAND NEW Nationals Park was a measly 24,000. Must be because nobody can git there. Those fatcats in Washington are at it again!

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Matt P has more of that Jose Reyes nonsense over at the seven hundo level.

Reading NL game summaries puts me right to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Oh yeah the Red Sox won blah blah blah

I know one guy Millwood isn't fooling:

By JiegelAuthor Profile Page on March 3, 2008 1:21 PM

I beg to differ about Kevin Millwood... Every 3 years he dominates.

Milly's ERA by year over his career:

1997: 4.03
1998: 4.08
1999: 2.68
2000: 4.66
2001: 1.31
2002: 3.24
2003: 4.01
2004: 4.85
2005: 2.86
2006: 4.52
2007: 5.16
2008: ???

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm gonna draft him awkwardly high in my fantasy league next week.

Jiegel is a goddamn genius, if somewhat whiny.

He's a witch!

I would think if someone was a Sorcerer, they'd use their powers for more than picking fantasy baseball sleepers. I guess not.

Strikes bitches out by the dozens. Lays down gorgeous bunts. Has fabulous hair. Is there anything my boyfriend Cole can't do? (Besides play a decent shortstop...Goddamn, you suck, Eric Bruntlett.)

EXCUSE ME, i happen to know that I am very whiney.

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