Baseball Before Bedtime: Spirit in the Night

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Here's what happened in baseball while running into the lake in just socks and a shirt:

Orioles 6, White Sox 5 (10): Down three runs in the eighth inning, Baltimore decided to honor Liz Phair's 41st birthday and rally for the extra inning victory. The O's scored a run in the eighth on Luke Scott's RBI double and two runs in the ninth on Brian Robert's RBI double and Melvin Mora's RBI single. Bobby Jenks let in the ninth inning runs and ruined his first tea party of the year. Bawlmer produced one magical winning run in the tenth as Adam Jones drove in Kevin Millar, who had walked to start the inning. Former Mariner (and I love identifying former Mariners who are succeeding outside of Seattle) George Sherrill picked up the W.

Brewers 5, Cardinals 3 (10):Milwaukee also decided to celebrate Ms. Phair and overcame a 3-0 eighth inning deficit to St. Louis and send the game to extra innings. Prince "Veggie Dip" Fielder hit his first ding-dong of the season in the tenth to cap the win for the Brewers. Cards reliever Randy Flores rendered starter Kyle Lohse's third well-pitched game by allowing the three tying runs in the eighth; Fielder hisself hit the game-tying double. For those of you who had April 17th in the "when will Prince Fielder break out of his slump", you win! Eric Gagne managed to get the save despite allowing two baserunners with none out in the bottom of the tenth. Yecchh!

Rangers 4, Blue Jays 1: You know it's a wacky world when Vicente Padilla outduels Roy Halladay and David Murphy outslugs Frank Thomas. It all happened last night in Toronto as Padilla allowed only one of ten baserunners to cross home plate and rightfielder Murphy tallied three doubles, two runs, and an RBI. Halladay pitched a complete game but he couldn't stop Texas from sweeping the Jays. Oh, it was just a two-game series? That's not long enough for the Rangers to hit the strip clubs in Toronto...heck, that's not even long enough to get some deux-deux-deux.

Red Sox 7, Yankees 5: The highlight of the evening was the gyro and two Bud Lights I had in the parking lot. The highlight of the actual game was the pair of taters by Manny Ramirez, who is just an absolute monster. Manny has now collected 55 homers against the Yankees and I have now thought to myself 55 times "I wish he was a Yankee". Josh Beckett pitched pretty well (eight innings & three runs) but Mike Mussina was a stinkeroo (three innings & five runs & a whole lot of hesitation between pit....zzzzzzz). The Yankees tallied two runs in the ninth off closer Jonathan Papelbon but we were already on the George Washington Bridge. Sigh.

Mets 2, Nationals 2 (in progress): Christ, I'm glad I wasn't at Shea tonight. This one's still happening, in the fourteenth consarn inning now. Yikes.

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Hey how about that twenty-two inning game? That must have been qu....zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Bobby Jenks wants to be your blowjob queen.

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