Baseball Before Bedtime: The Killing Moon

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Here's what happened in baseball while I was up against my will:

Yankees 5, Indians 2: Aaron Laffey was called up to the big club in Cleveland to face the hated Yankees and set the Cleve on fire for a couple hours. New York's big bashers hit some very hard and very long outs and managed just three baserunners (and no hits) through the first five innings. The Indians provided two runs of offense off Mike Mussina, and it's Laffey's time to shine! Well, it was Laffey's time to shine until the sixth inning. That's when the Yanks dinked and dunked and loaded the bases on a couple infield hits and scored a couple runs on some ground outs and before you knew it, Laffey was on the losing side and Mussina tied Carl Hubbell on the all-time wins list. Sorry, Indians fans, but Eric Wedge should not be so lucky.

Orioles 3, White Sox 3 (11): This game was suspended because of rain, so I'll write about it whenever Peter Angelos and Jerry Reinsdorf get together and decide to finish up what their respective baseball squadrons have started. Until then, I'll just attack Ozzie Guillen for attempting a squeeze play in the bottom of the tenth with just one out. Carlos Quentin doubled to lead off the inning and moved to third on a fly out by Joe Crede. Guillen then had Brian Anderson attempt to bunt with Quentin hustling his buns down the third base line, but Anderson foul tipped the ball into catcher Ramon Hernandez' glove; Hernandez tagged Quentin for the second out of the inning and Anderson struck out for the third. BOO, OZZIE, BOO!

Reds 4, Cardinals 3: Out in left field during the third inning of this clusterfuck, Chris Duncan misplayed a fly ball off Edwin Encarnacion's bat in the lights and yet was not charged with an error. Goddamn home scorers called this a RBI double. Encarnacion had two doubles (really just one though), two RBI, and a diving Web Gem at third base to lead the Reds. Rick Ankiel hit a solo ding-dong to fulfill my quota of saying ding-dong at least once for every one of these morning recaps I do. Francisco Cordero pitched a scoreless ninth for his fourth save in four whole chances. I'm really tired and there aren't enough baseball games over right now, partly because...

Mets 0, Pirates 0 (ppd, rain): Game of the Night!

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Great recaps, I'm Laffey Out Loud!

They aren't booing... they are saying "Ozzie, you suck."

I shouldn't boo. Instead, I should cheer Ozzie for failing miserably.

A. It's not an era if it doesn't touch his glove.

2. I was getting worried when I went through 3 recaps without seeing "ding-dong." Hi Clare!

Even though The Phrase makes me cringe, you guys don't know how happy it makes me that I've become a meme.


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