Blaine Boyer Has a Case of the Mondays

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Braves reliever Blaine Boyer had himself a great spring and earned a spot on Atlanta's 25-man roster. Poor fella had shoulder surgery in aught-six and is finally healthy enough to pitch at full strength. He's also earned manager Bobby Cox' trust, having made four appearances in four close games. Too bad he's lost two of them, and both losses came on Mondays:

•  Last night, Boyer entered the game against the Rockies with the Braves leading 1-0 in the eighth inning. After allowing a leadoff double to Troy Tulowitzki and striking out Todd Helton, Boyer gave up what proved to be the game-winning two run home run to Matt Holliday. (bonus Matt_T fact: at 2 hours and 5 minutes this was the fastest game in Coors Field history)

•  Last week, Boyer entered the game against the Pirates with the game tied at 9 in the eleventh. After a 1-2-3 inning, Boyer came out for the twelfth and eventually gave up what proved to be the game-winning three run home run to Xavier Nady.

Blaine has been quite good in his non-Monday appearances, striking out five batters in 3 innings against the Pirates and Mets. Luckily for him, the Braves have next Monday off.

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Garfield > Blaine Boyer

Carl Monday > Garfield

"Lawrence, anyone ever say 'You got a case of the Mondays'

Naw, man. Hell naw. I reckon you'd get your ass kicked for saying something like that around here."

Brenda Ann Spencer > Carl Monday > Garfield > Blaine Boyer.

Fuck, there's no Boston in this post.

Both games were also games that Glavine started. Coincidence? I think not.

Nermal > Glavine

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